Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kismet for Scout!


It was kismet that I went to the Berkshire Humane Society and found Scout. I began the process of looking for a dog in April, I had been thinking about it for awhile. My last dog Armani passed away 5 years ago and I missed having a dog. This time, I wanted a small dog. I live in the country and this is big dog country. I went to the Humane Society several times and would ask, "Do you have any small dogs?' I always knew the answer, no, just big dogs. Since I was traveling down to Long Island, I knew the North Shore Animal League would have small dogs, so I called them after seeing all the small dogs on their website. They told me that they only allow adoptions in the tri-state area. Since I live in MA., I couldn't adopt from them. It made me so sad that I would never find my small dog.
I live near the city of Pittsfield and they are doing major construction on the main roads. One day I was coming home and decided to take the back road home from Pittsfield. That back road goes rigght past The Berkshire Humane Society. I decided to pull in and ask my usual question,"Do you have any small dogs?"
I was greeted by a women and she said, "Small dogs, do we have small dogs, we have 30 of them!" I thought she was joking cause they never have small dogs.
I was told that they were all Cairn Terriers and ranged in age from 2-9 years old. I was told the heartbreaking story of how they came to be there and what they had to do to make the dogs presentable.
I was taken to see a dog named "Maggie". She was a sweet dog but very shy and had a hold on her.(hold meaning that someone else was interested in adopting her.)  They were bringing the dogs out slowly to be adopted as it would have been overwhelming to bring them all out at once. I was told that it the person didn't want Maggie, I would be next in line and they would call me. I went home and told my husband about the cute dog I saw. I waited by the phone all the next day, waiting for a call that didn't come.
My husband and I went back the next night, a thursday. Maggie was gone but there was another dog that had come out for adoption, "Irish". Again, the dog had a hold on her. My husband and I took her on a walk and played with her. She was shy but took to us right away and rolled over for belly rubs. The couple that had a hold on her came in the door while we were playing with Irish. They were a young couple and the guy was a big strapping fellow who I was sure was going to want a big country dog.
We left the humane society but I was hopeful that they wouldn't take the dog. When we got home, I looked at my answer phone which was beeping. (Yes, I still have a landline and an answer machine.)
The message was, the couple did not take Irish and if we wanted her, she was our dog.
On Friday, we went back and after filling out the paperwork, we took "Irish" home. We were told that everything would be a first for her since she didn't know how to be a dog. I will relay some of these things in my next posts. Here is a picture of "Irish" at The Berkshire Humane Society.
On Saturday, she became"Scout".

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