Friday, July 13, 2012

Scout couldn't climb stairs,bark,jump.

When Scout left the Berkshire Humane Society, she never had done anything that dogs usually do. She had to learn everything! In order to get her into the house, she had to climb stairs. I put treats on each step and pulled her one step at a time up the steps. Her legs didn't know how to climb. She didn't jump on any furniture because she couldn't jump. She couldn't bark, she only make a small ruff noise, cause she never barked or heard barking. On the car ride home, she hid her head under my arm because the light hurt her eyes.
Scout knew nothing about being a dog, but this also meant she had no bad habits that a shelter dog can have.
Scout came with her crate and a blanket which was put in the living room. She would go into it often just to relax.
Scout had never been on grass either, she just didn't know what it was.
So many thing that Scout had never done, how could anyone treat a dog like that.
Here is a picture of Scout in my bed:

I bought her a bed but she ripped it to shreds, it was the only thing she ripped up so far. She hated it!
Scout loves being supported by soft pillows also. Here she is on the couch. Notice how sad her face looks, she is so skinny too.
Just so you can see the difference here is Scout today as a country dog!

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