Friday, July 20, 2012

Scout goes to Camp!

After looking at a few camps for Scout, she found a few that she and I approved of. We looked at 3 camps. Oh, all right,places to board Scout, they now call them Camps. Some are day camps and some are overnight camps.
Scout didn't like the first one we looked at. She had to walk through a little entrance way to the camp, it was hot in there and you could see dogs that were isolated and some dogs playing together outside. We were shown the sleeping quarters which was in a basement, it was dark for Scout. It might have reminded her of the dark barn she lived in for 2 years. She was very anxious to get back in the car, didn't even want to pee on their property.

The next camp was at Shaker Hill Pet Resort in Pittsfield MA. Here is Scout by a rock in front of the Resort.

She liked the Resort. Each pet had their own room with piped in music. One of the workers at the Resort had even adopted  Scout's sister, Minx. The dogs could run outside and everything looked good. People came running to play with Scout. They even had a gift store in the front of the resort. Alas, though, there was no room at the Resort when Scout needed to be there.

So Scout got back in the car for a very short ride down the block to Love Us and Leave Us in Pittsfield MA. Here is Scout in front of a rock. Look how happy she is!
We went inside and Scout got to meet Renee, the owner! Scout's tail was wagging and they had room at the Inn when it was needed. The camp is a former restaurant/bar and the dogs roam in and outside in a fenced in property. The dogs can sleep in their crate or they can sleep on couch's. Someone is with the dogs at all times. No bitters need apply. If a dog nips, they are not welcomed back. Scout saw a cute day camper who comes when their owner works.
Tomorrow,Scout will tell you about her overnight Camp experience.

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  1. I think this is a wonderful story. You should write a book, along with photographs!! I bet it would be great!!!