Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scout really goes to camp!

Scout had to get up early to go to camp. That is not her favorite thing to do, she likes to sleep in to 7-8am.   She had to get to camp at 8am, so we could be on the road soon after her drop off time.
I carried her in and Scout seemed to be OK. A fast transfer was made, no long goodbyes. This was to be her first overnight at camp.
I called during the day to check up on my camper. I was told by Renee,the owner of Love Us And Leave Us that Scout did go outside to play with the dogs but it overwhelmed her and wanted to come back in and stay with her (Renee). But otherwise, she was doing fine.
The next morning, I got to Love Us And Leave US promptly as they opened at 7am. Scout was with Renee behind the counter, she looked tired but OK.
She hopped back in the car. That is her in the picture after her camp adventure. She does look tired.

I brought her in the house and she went straight to bed.
She slept til noon when I woke her to go out and pee.

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