Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scout gets attacked by a Jack Russell Terrier!

Scout likes to go on walks on a street called King William. It is in a nice country neighborhood. She goes past a house where 2 Golden Retrievers live. The two dogs who are always playing outside, go nuts when they see Scout.  The owners are always playing play on their" Field of Dreams"baseball diamond, so the dogs are always chasing wiffle balls. Scout gives a friendly bark but pays little attention to the dogs and owners playing ball.

Next Scout passes an old dog who comes running off his front step of the house but loses stream and just lies down on the driveway and puffs. Across the street is a dog who is blind and mostly deaf. Very sad, cause that dog has no idea that Scout is walking down the street. The dog has a doggie door to go in and out of the house. Scout pays no attention to the old dog or the blind and deaf dog.

Further down the street are the 2 Jack Russell Terriers, Beanie and Maggie. During Scouts previous walks, she has played with Maggie and Beanie or one of them. Since they look alike you can't tell one from the other.
On our walk, the door to their house opened and the owner of the house came out and the 2 dogs bolted out of the house towards us.
Here is a picture of a Jack Russell. Although the picture isn't of Beanie, it could be. Notice the teeth.

Scout stood wagging her tail waiting for a friendly greeting by Beanie and Maggie. Beanie ran to Scout in full attack mode, while Maggie just stood wagging her tail. Beanie started to nip Scout's backside, growl, back up and attack again.

I want to remind you that Scout has had little interaction with other dogs. She thinks all dogs are  friendly with tails wagging. She had no idea that dogs can be mean and bite.

The owner can running behind them, trying to get beanie away from Scout. Beanie didn't care and tried to bite my husband too. Scout was now so scared and trying to jump into my arms. Finally the owner was able to get Beanie and put him in the house. Poor Maggie, the other Jack Russell, just watched her idiot mean brother,Beanie, attack. I think if she could have, she would have apologised to Scout.

So now when we go on our walk, we get to the house with the blind/deaf dog and Scout wants to turn around, she will not go any further down the block.

Scout knows that Beanie is waiting for the opportunity to attack again. Poor Maggie, she has to put up with no other doggie friends because her brother, Beanie is so nasty.

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  1. Poor little Scout! She had no idea what a cruel world there is! I guess she has just learned a life lesson!