Monday, July 9, 2012

Dog in Cage for 2 years!

Scout's first two years of her life was spent in a crate in a dark barn along with 30 other Cairn Terriers. She was allowed out of her crate for 1 hour a day to exercise in the barn. The breeder had become too old to care for the dogs and she just began to hoard the dogs instead of selling them. The dogs sat in their crates with their fur all matted and just enough food to keep them alive. No sunshine, no love.
The women became sick and had to go to the hospital and that is when the dogs were found in the barn.
All the dogs were taken in by "The Berkshire Humane Society". They gave my dog the name "Irish" and all the dogs were sent out to be groomed, have their teeth checked, given all shots and had to be socialized. The dogs ranged in age from 2 years to 9 years and I was told that their was 30 of them. When I saw the newsletter from the Humane Society, the adopted dogs were called, "The Lucky 17." I don't know what happened to the other dogs since some had been in crates for way over 2 years.  All I know is that "Irish" came into my life in May 2012 and we renamed her "Scout" because of the way she stands with one paw up, like she is out scouting in the woods.
The is my first post about "Scout" and in my following posts, I will tell how I happened to go looking for a dog and found my Scout. Scout now lives in the country, everything is a first for her. I will tell about all the first things that she has done and follow her adventures as she enjoys her new life in the country.
I am blessed to have Scout in my life and hope that I can makeup for the first two horrible years of her life.
Follow Scout's adventures in my posts,videos and pictures.


  1. I think Scout is a lucky dog to have found you! Love this blog. Add more pics!

  2. I will be posting lots of pics and videos about Scout in the future! Everyday is a new adventure for her.

  3. She is so adorable! Wish I had a dog!